Rights of My Aunt in My Grandfather's property

Hello Sir, I'm a male aged 25. My Grandfather (father's father) bought some agricultural land himself in 1950's and died in 1990's without making any will. Immediately after his death, this property was registered automatically on his wife's name (my grandmother). My Grandfather has 1 son and 9 daughters. She has been ill since last 1 year and all my aunts put a lot of pressure on her to distribute the land among them, which my grandmother denied. Finally in 2020 January, she decided to sell off the land to others and distribute the money to all. Instead of selling to others, i myself bought the land from her (it is a sale deed) and she distributed the money to all; she died in March 2020 because of health issue. Now comes the problem; even after taking money, all my aunts united and started abusing us. They are claiming that this registration is not valid and they are planning to file a civil case against me. They did not utter a word when my grand mother was alive and started abusing after her death. They are claiming that since that land was transferred from my grandfather, she was supposed to be only care taker and cannot sell the land without the consent of others. What shall i do now? Please guide how to handle this. they are planning to file a civil case.