Alimony and Maintenance if divorce happens

Hi, I work in pune, a software engineer by profession. I got married about 3 months ago, my wife had her Masters degree (computer science) exams so for the most duration at her parents place for most portion of this time and has stayed at my parents home for about 10-15 days and later has been living with me for about a month. She turned out to be stubborn by nature and would not give due regard to my requests or suggestions in day to day matters and would try to do her bidding all time. I have anger issues and it is difficult for me to ignore repeated mistakes, dis-respect on her part, and finally i started having arguments with her. Our honeymoon was a disaster as well and we couldn't gel up well, still we made peace and controlled the situation. She had issues gelling up well with my parents as well while she stayed at my parents home before finally coming to live with me. Now since last 1 month we are again having verbal spats and fights, (no physical action done by either party) after a month she actually decided to leave and go back to her parents place. Her parents are now blaming me for the fights and saying it is all my fault. They are going to have a meeting with my family to sort matters out. If the matter does not gets resolved and we decide to go for divorce even by mutual consent, how much Alimony or Maintenance can court order me to pay up. i do not have any loans and my take away income is around 55k.