House Ownership

Dear Sir, We would like to get in touch with you regarding a property issue where we (my parents and we two brothers) have been staying for more than 40 years in N 24 parganas. This house was built up on 1952 with my father initiative and he started staying there with his siblings and my grandparents. After 10 years they moved to Kolkata and my parents returned there by 1979 and started living since then. On 1991, when govt started registering all the properties at our locality, our house also got registered and the deed was made on my father’s name, uncle’s name (who is no more now and never stayed in this house) and my two aunties name as they were unmarried (they don’t have children now and never stayed in the house) and it was mutually decided that my father would eventually own the house. We two brothers with parents stayed there, taking care of our parents, taking all the responsibilities of maintenance; they never enquired about the house maintenance and did not intend to stay there as they had built up their apartment in Kolkata. Even they do not have address proof with that house address. Now our both the parents died we only spend maintenance for the house and sometimes go there stay couple of weeks. In this situation when we asked for the ownership of the house my two aunties (more than 70-year old) and uncle’s wife (74-year old) are not ready to leave their ownership; even they are not ready to take responsibility of the house maintenance. I have a question as they do not have any address proof, never stayed in last 60 years, only based on the deed can they claim the ownership of the house? If yes, what option we do have to get the house on our name (we two brothers) only?