Property Issue

Hi Sir/Madam, Before 25 years ago, Government has allocated a poramboke land for my father, two uncles (Father’s younger brother – unmarried and yielder brother) and my aunty (father’s sister) nearby near. All were living for 5 years without any issue. After that my uncle (younger brother) moved from the house and living separately. Most of the time we came to our house and get amount from my father as well as my brother. We were also giving amount (20000 Rs) without any record. After 5 years back, with his permission we taken his puramboke land and build a house and still we were living in that house with using electricity and gas connection. Before 5 years back my uncle (younger brother) expired. At the same time my Aunty also moved from this land and shifted to near area with her family. When they were in owes about Rs.10000 my brother itself gave amount to creditor and solve the problem without any registration. Due to this help my aunty allowed to take the property and we are doing some gardening work there in her land. There was nothing issue was happened still my father was living. Compound Wall for all property is the same. Once my father dead (before 8 years), my yielder brother got stroke (before 4 years) and my mother dead(before 2 years) the problem has raised by aunty stating that that land is belong to her and also asking sharing from my uncle’s land. Now who is the real owner for the both properties? And what is procedure to keep land in our side. Please advise me.