Regarding Partition suit

In my case we are the Hindu undivided family but living separately in different locations in the same city. i'm the eldest daughter among my siblings (2 brothers ) . i'm 51 years old i'm married living with my husband and son. Both my parents are still alive. My parents are living with my younger brother in there house and my older brother is living in another house . my father is not taking care of my mother and he is against me and my elder brother . he is not agreeing to divide the property among all the children . he is threatening that he will write a will or a gift deed of all his property to my younger brother and his sons. me being the only daughter , i have not received anything from my parents after marriage till now. i got married in 1991 . one more incident is around 4.5 acre land thats in my fathers name was given to joint venture for building an apartment in 2005 in which my name is not included in the family tree thats is given my sub register and in that around 35 flats are sold without my permission my questions here are 1). Can i file a partition suit & will i get an equal share in every thing 2). Will i or my son is eligible to have share in my fathers self acquired & ancestral property 3). Will my mother get any share if she decides not to stay with my father 4) isn't it a forgery of skipping my name in the family tree at the time of giving the property on a joint venture without my knowledge I REQUEST you to please help me i'm posting this on my mothers behalf , we are in a serious problem and my youngest uncle ( mothers younger brother) is politically strong and is giving life threats . please help me. should i proceed or not . I DON'T HAVE ANY PROPERTY PAPERS WITH ME . EVERYTHING IS BEING HELD BY MY GRAND FATHER AND MY UNCLE . PLEASE HELP ME