Use of Terrace on Ten floor building.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am staying in LIG mukhyamantri Awas Yojna which is a 10 floors building, having 3 towers in society. I served as a chairman of society as well as active leader in societal matter right from the society registration to present time. As I am active in day to day transactions of the society present Chairman and Secretary keeping some personal vendetta against me stopped me to use terrace and take away key of the terrace which was there with me since last 4 years i use to give whoever required key in the building other keys were with the society servant. with malicious motives they are trying to stop me to use terrace as I am also staying on top floor at 10th floor I am staying above me there is terrace. I have given police complain PI told to Chairman, Secretary to arrange meeting and discuss the issue. Kindly help me I am not saying only I use the terrace but chairman and secretary with malicious intentions leveling false charges against me that i am stopping water and other false baseless charges. Society people know the fact but as chairman and secretory are gun type of people nobody dare to speak the truth please kindly help me to solve my problem.