Suit for Declaration & seperate possession by metes & bounds

Respectes Sir/Madam Grandfather of my wife got 12-3-3/4 Standard Acres of land in Ambala Distt. in lieu of lands left in Mianwali (West Pakistan). This was received in the year 1950 as allottees. Grandfather expired in 1962 intestate and his share was equally distributed amongst two brothers(My Father & Uncle) & two Aunts. IN 1967 both my aunts gifted back their share to my father & uncle. Now from 1975 onwards till Aug'2004 in revenue records they have equal shares (sumbagh). My father & uncle sold most of agricultural lands to around 70 clients without involving my wife. She instituted Civil Suit for her 1/3rd share as being born in the family as a birthright. 70 Sale Deeds alongwith Papers from Land Records, Punjab & Haryana put as evidence that my Grandfather got this as allottee. After our evidence and arguments defendents were asked to put their side. They said this is Self acquired property of my Grand father and father the presiding officer told them if they are saying it is self acquired then what all these Pakistan papers in file? defendents got 10 adjournemnts and case got dismissed as no paper supports that Grand father got poroperty from GREAT Grand Father. Thpough Virasat of Great Grand Father of 1939 is in file but has been ignored. Now we are in civil appeal. They are taking as Chander Sen example after HSA 1956. Whereas my grand father got these lands in 1950 and Virasat and pedigree table provided by Land Records, Punjab is annexed but ignored. Now we want your help to guide us as women after 2005 HSA Amendment I have a birthright and my father is alive and properties got in lieu of leftover lands in Pakistan. PRESIDING OFFICER ORDER THAT THERE IS NO TRACE FROM GRAND FATHER TO GREAT GRAND FATHER IS NOT TRUE AND PAPER ARE IN FILE. MOST OF THE AGRICULTURAL LAND IS SOLD FROM SEPT-DEC'2004 = 6 Nos. Rest JAN'2005 TO the Year 2009 = 64 clients. NOW HOW TO PROVE IT IS ANCESTRAL PROPERTY AND SHE HAS DUE SHARE IN THIS AGRICULTRUAL LANDS.