Regarding the case of domestic voilence.

This is regarding my eldor who got married in feb. this year.He is noble ' seedha ' .All things were going good. But one day my parents come to know that bhabhi has lost the necklace and few jewels, they asked regarding this to her.She didn't give an appropriate answer.She start saying to have suicide , with this my parents call her father immediately.Next day her father came and have dialogues with my parents. Later after discussing with bhabhi he took her to the home saying after 15 days he will left her daughter to home.On phone to my brother ,she is accussing my parents for not giving good meal and milk.She spoke aggressively to my parents and use wrong words for them.She blamed my mother for stealing the necklace and jewels.My parents have done all things to restore the condition to normal,but nothing happens good.She is not feeling sorry of her doings and always blame my parents with wrong alligations each time new things.Also her mother intimidating(threat) regarding sending my parents to jail. Please help my parents out of this and suggest what can be done.