Apartment registration

Hi mam/sir, Our society (in Bangalore BBMP limits) was handed over to the owners(informally) without OC and without society registration to take care of maintenance activities. This informal handover happened in Jan 2019. **Since we don't have our society registered, everymonth the elected informal committee (unregistered) has to collect Rs.5 lakhs from 120 residents in the form of cash to run the society. Will the society have legal obligation in doing so? ** For all the activities we are just paying by cash only as we don't have bank account opened for our society. Will this create any problem in future? *" Since we don't have OC for the society, we are not able to register the society under 1972 act. In this case can we register in 1960 act to formalise the society? ** The maintenance team are also not paid according to minimum wages act. What ll be the consequences if we continue to do so? ** We are stuck in a deadlock situation situation where some of the owners are not letting to register society under 1960 act. Please help us to understand how to overcome these issues in a better way.