Brother’s wife accusing married sister

Hi I ( Female ) i lost my father mother and brother only relation i have is my bhabhi after i lost everybody my bhabhi used to treat me very badly I got married in the time of marriage she was acting like she is the best bhabhi in the world but after my marriage she showed her true colours after few months of my marriage like after 8 months she sent us a notice Accusing me and my husband and all false and wrong stories in that she requested court that i should not be allowed to enter my parental property she said that property belongs to his husband but thats not true property is owned by my mother .. after few hearings of the court she never came to the court for any hearings the case got dismissed now it has been almost 2 years i have not gone to my parental house because she is very bad and threatning more important thing my brother who is no more is step brother and my bhabhi she is my step bhabhi ... property is owned by mother and and she is illegaly staying there and is not allowing me to enter she has blocked all my contact numbers ..what should i do Can police help me out or what can i do please suggest me ... please help