Individual Buying Property from Andhra Pradesh Educational Society.

Dear Experts, One of the school management in my village in the state of Andhra Pradesh has decided to sell the school land and building due to some financial hardships. I am an individual and I decided to buy the land and building from them. The reason for buying is good location and monthly rental income. The school is registered under the Society (Andhra Pradesh Societies) and the land/building is registered under the name of "Secretary/Correspondent ABC Educational Society" as per encumbrance certificate (EC). Also, as per EC, ABC society bought this land from an individual some 10 years ago. All the members of the society unanimously agreed to sell the school land/building in the general meeting. Also, the society is willing to run the school for next few years so they requested me to rent the building and land back to them after the purchase and I agreed to it so that there won’t be any disruptions to the day to day operations of the school. I have few questions on registration of this property… 1. Does any permission needed from Education Department or Income tax department or Court to register this property under my name? If so, whether ABC Society has to request these permissions (Seller) or As a Buyer do I need to request them? 2. Do I have to create any trust to purchase this land/building from Society OR Can I directly buy and register it on my name? Does the registration charges remain same in both cases? 3. Will there be any legal complications if I register this property under my name? And what is the best way to avoid any future litigations? Thanks, Kumar