Propert share for 2nd wifes son,who has registered will of his father, for some properties

---STATUS---- # I am 2nd wife's son of my father(no sisters or brothers to me). His 1st wife has 4 daughters. He Married my mother (2nd wife) only because to get male heire. # He wrote Registered Will of some of his properties in my name (in 1980) as he was cardiac patient # He died in 1981 # we filled will-property claim againts First Wife # we got sucess in all three stages O.S, A.S, S.A and we now we are enjoying the property # The Will is genuine and so the property should go to me.but in one sentence".. the plaintiff failed to prove the 2nd marriage..." ---QUESTION---- 1. Can i entitled to get property share? 2. i donot obtain legal heire certificate yet can i get it with the above court judgment? 3.HOW -WHEN THE WILL IS GENUINE,WHY THE JURY QUESTIONS ABOUT 2ND MARRIAGE...because in the will my father clearly stated that he married my mother as a second wife to get a male legal heire 4. HOW CAN I SHARE MY FATHERS OTHER PROPERTY. is it 50%(1st wife) + 50%(2nd wife) OR 1/5 as all the three were dead (father,1st wife,my mother)