Filing for Divorce

I got married in 2010 and have been living separately from my wife for the past 2 years , and have been paying for her expenses for the past 1 year, she has not been staying with her family but in a rented accommodation (address she did not tell me ) my daughter stays with me and she is 3 years and 6 months old now. there were talks of us reuniting last year but did not materialize even her family did not force an issue because things would have been highlighted at their home. now all of a sudden my wife says she would come and stay with me and my family (which they reject) keeping in mind her violent behavior. she said i have paid her money late and now the landlord is not allowing her to stay which i know is not true becuase she is still staying there, my daughter has been staying with me since the beginning and for the past 2 years my Widow mother and younger sister have been taking care of her . i seek help from an ngo and informed them of my plight. i also hired a lawyer who asked me to first of all file a complaint about my wife and her forcefully entering the house. i have filed for divorce. the ngo made a call to her for counselling and she answered and agreed to come the next day but did not do so, a letter has also been sent to her parents home but to my surprise even they have not responded, nor has she asked me for money after that, no calls , no messages, i just wanna know if my family is secure , as once the divorce papers are sent to her there would be a reaction from their end,