Money laundering

Hello, I'd like to know answers to some questions regarding Money laundering cases. Lets say a person used fake money for distribution to people during elections. He is competing in that election. Then, let me know what happens for the following cases. 1. Will that be classified under non-bailable case? 2. If he gets the bail, is there any estimate of money they ask as guarantee and what other conditions can court ask? 3. Is he restricted to a Police station for first 48hrs? 4. Is there any chance that he can get out of the case? 5. Could you guide me to any link or a page on the procedure to be followed by his lawyer to apply for bail and how he can pull off the case to get a bail for this politician? 6. In many cases, we see politicians getting off such cases even with CBI inquiries and all those. Are there any particular steps using which they solve these cases. I know it can be case-related but just want to know if there are any basic things that can be known. 7. If a person is caught using fake money, how can be punished according to law? 8. I see that you've also included the Religion as a selection here. Could you let me know if the above answers change if that politician is a non-hindu? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much for looking into this :)