Can she file 498a against me ,I am subject of her cruelty??

I have filed divorce petition in Bangalore family court in march 2015 against my wife under mental cruelty and torture grounds. She and her mother had been harassing me on a regular basis ever since we got married. She has been ignoring me and had been cursing me with foul words in front of me and also in front of my parents and relatives. She and her mother abuses me verbally on a daily basis . I have been subject of their foul languages, indecent behavior. my wife's mother and sister relentlessly pressurized by threatening and using foul and vulgar language, to force me to cut all contacts with my family members. I have many a times over heard my wife speaking about me and my family in a demeaning manner. I have made multiple attempts at smoothing things between us but to no success. She is hysteric and her demands are unfair, illogical. my wife and her family have been threatening me and my family to implicate us in false criminal cases. She had been cruel in the utmost way possible in the world. I could not live with her under same roof hence filed petition for dissolution of our marriage. My wife had been threatening me to take back the petition and reunite under same roof else she would file a false 498a implicating me, my family and cousin sister. She had recently sent a "pleaders notice" to my parents house (my parents no longer stay there, however the neighbour have got the notice). The notice is from her legal advisor from her paternal city. She has made false allegations against my family and demanding heavy alimony. Notice states that if i do not pay her hefty alimony, she would file a 498a against my family and me and make our lives miserable. Please tell me if she can file such a 498a case and what would be implications of that ? Its been 3 months i filed divorce petition and now she is sending me pleaders notice. will the court at her paternal city accept her petition in future even though i have filed the case first (3 months back)?? I heard that since 2014 september, per supreme court order there should not be any arrests made under the 498a untill and unless proper investigations is done and respondent is found to be guilty, is this true???