Noisy neighbour

Tenants living above my apartment. They daily do some noisy work inside their kitchen right from morning 6am to 10 pm at regular interval. Sometimes it's like every one hour. This is creating mental stress and health issues. This disturbes my family sleep. It's like living under some workshop or commercial hotel. I have taken this issue with society management, landlord of flat and also with tenants. Society has issued them letter a year back regarding this to which they said I am saying too much and it's normal kitchen work for them. Landlord says he will do meeting with society and tenants together to find out who is right. I have also once shown live regarding noise to owner when he once visited the flat. This issue is going on since last 1.5 years. I m feeling helpless and fedup. Today also same noise came at 6 am. In this lockdown and pandemic time the problem of noise affects more since we are at home for whole day. I have requested landlord to ask his tenants to stop making noise but be also seems not interested in replying and says we will talk only after pandemic. Can anyone suggest some solution or do I have to bear with this throughout lockdown and pandemic.