How to divide the property so as to avoid future dispute.

We have four brothers.I have the youngest son of my parent. we have a plot of land measures 2.5 kathas in my mother name.The land was purchased in 1998 by my parent.My 3rd brother has constructed the ground floor on the plot in 1999 with his own expenses (4 lakhs)and the expenses (2 lakhs) financed by my father.We had been living in the ground floor till 2009 when my mother gifted the property between her two sons only( myself and 3rd brother) due to some family issues.My eldest brother left the house and residing outside.After few years passed, my 3rd brother and my mother forced me to construct house on first floor and leave his ground floor.He(3rd brother) claimed his solo right on ground floor. In 2018, I had to construct the first floor of the house costing around 10 lakhs with my own expenses only. My parent had taken a room from either side . After Construction, my brother is claiming the right over roof and started misusing it. He occasionally bothers me over common passage to entrance through the ground floor. In addition,he hold the claim on single water connection which was installed by my parents on ground floor so that I find it difficult to start my motor and fill water. He is also harrasing me and my parent and does not take care of them.I made up my mind to sell or partition my share on first floor. Now tell me the best way / suggestions to divide/ partition or sell the property so that in future there will be no property dispute.Since I have invested bulk sum of money ,can I get extra benefits on the difference of construction costs. Apart from this, provide me with some useful suggestion for peaceful settlement.