Sir/Madam, I had provided my friend Rs. 4,00,000/- to start a business. I had given cash with out taking any kind of signature or note since he is my friend also he is my fathers friend's son. Upon his words i resign my job and started business with him. He promise to pay every month Rs. 25,000/- but he failed from the first month itself. He is already having 15 years experience in tractor electrical items business and i had zero knowledge in this field. Finally he started giving every month very less amount Rs 8,000/- or Rs 12,000/- for which he failed to pay. Finally after six months my friends & friends had meeting with him and ask the reasons for not providing committed amount Rs, 25,000/- per month. Some how he escape on that day. After few days he called me before a political person and trying to close this deal by force which is heavy loss for me to accept. They told that he will pay my amount after 3 months but now it is almost 7 months and nobody is answering my calls or taking care even those political person. Now i am in critical situation to handle my issue. I am planning to lodge this before commissioner of police. Before that i need your suggestion to proceed. Kindly help me how can i proceed and what time of sections can i book to my friend to get my money back.