Waive-off of rent taken in COVID-19 lock-down period and Requirement of Notice Period

I have taken home on a rent basis on 23rd August 2019 with the rental agreement carried out for 11 months and 29 days. Due to current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, I am not staying to my rented home since 15th March 2020 but every month I paid rent of INR 11,000 to owner till today including full rent of July 2020, I requested owner to give relaxation of future rent payments as I have test not occupied my rented home due to current COVID-19 crisis but the owner is refusing to reduce rent or any relaxation of the monthly rent of INR 11,000. Therefore, on 30th June 2020, I told my owner that I will be vacating home on 31st July 2020 and requested him to return 2 months rent deposit given on 23rd August 2020. Here I have following questions. 1. As per government directive, rent should be waived off during the COVID-19 lockdown period which my owner refused to do, so what are the legal options to take back rent from 1st April till today 4th July 2020? 2. Rent agreement is expiring on 23rd July 2020 so does in that case notice period is compulsory or at the end of 23rd July 2020 agreement is expiring hence notice period is not required to be given to the owner as I am not planning to renew the contract for next year