2 owner claim for prop

Dear Sir, I am an NRI have purchased plot in 2006 in my wife name through POW to my mother in law..later in 2013 it was transfered to my wife name.We have done registry and paid all stamp duties etc.. In 2013 we made the compound wall and made small room on the plot also.Later we came to know that this plot is sold to another person by owner and he has registration before us ..we infomed owner but he is not listening and ignoring us..we paid all taxes in our name to local council.. Recently we come to know that the another owner files police complaint and police visited my in laws house to enquire. I am really stressed as if police will take any action.. As i m out of India and during this covid time unable to go .. Just need to know what legal matter in this and what should be my action.. Also I came to know that if you have possession of property for more that 12 years than you will become legal owner..Can we use this is our case ..and my suit against the other person and get legal right from court... Also as this is not police case and belongs to court ..can we file case in this. Please advise Thanks