Does constitution give's me any wright to claim property from my father?

My mom and dad got divorsed when i was 3 years old in 1997. the family cout order's were to me to be with my mother but father will take care of my expences and half vacation with dad and half with mom . when i was of 7 years old my father changed my school from my mom's city to his city without informing my mom.. and then all the orders of court were exchanged without any leagal notice, hardly my dad use to send me to mom ,he use to keep me with him. later after 1year he got married with my step mom and then after he started getting angry on me use to scold me for no reason use to hit me the everytime he returns home. so i use to run away from home and use to stay outside on road or any open garden. so as father took me to him and i was not staying with my real mom, my nana nani asked her to marriage. so even my mom got married with my step father. later i sufferd a lot of voilence from my father in my growing age and my stepmom started blamming me for no reasons. i had even lost hearing power of my right ear as my father slaped me when i was around 10 yars old. till now m deaf by my right ear. my father got an son then an daughter from my stepmom. and then they started behaving so bad with me that i was forced to keaved house of my father. later on my grand father and grandmother died,leving their property on my father's name. my stepmom wants all the property which even includes my grandfather property.. as m 26 years old now n m staying with my nani(my mom's mother) and i am even married now. so is there any law point or any wright that can help me to claim any property share from my father because my Mama is going to sell my nani's home and i have been asked to stay saparately.