Rights on grandfather owned house

Hi All, I have few question regarding a property owned by my grandfather, I will be glad if I get a clear sight and right approach towards pass on equal rights to all the recipients. History : My grandfather has 3 sons and 2 daughters. He did not leave any will behind, my late grandmother passed away in 2009 before my grandfather did in 2010. Here is their family tree in order of their children's age. Daughter 1 + Husband + 2 Children Son 1(Expired) + Wife + 1 Child *Daughter 2 + Husband + 2 Children (Not in talking terms with family) *Son 2 + Wife + 2 Children (With agreement of no share in Future) Son 3 + Wife + 1 Daughter With his 2nd *Son, my grandfather has a written agreement and declaration that in future he cannot claim any rights on his assets as they have given him what he should receive. With the rest It was verbally convened by them to their sons - 1 - The sons will have equally rights on the house. 2 - The daughters should be given share in cash and gold. 3 - The 2 daughter in law will be given share in gold. Both the sons have taken care of theirs elderly aged parents very well until 2010 when my grandfather left us. Then their elder son expired in 2011 leaving behind him wife and son(myself). After my father's demises I am continuing the same cordial relationship with my uncle as my dad use to maintain and fulfilling all the duties as he would. Along with my uncle we have passed on the said shared of asset (Cash+Gold) to One out of two Aunts. We are ready and willing to hand over the asset to 2nd daughter as well but she and her family are not in taking terms with us, even when my grandparents were alive. Questions: Who hold the legal rights of being a karta of the family ? My Uncle or my Mom ? Does daughters have rights to their fathers property? Info: Both were married before 1981 ? Do my brothers, from an uncle with whom my grandfather had an agreement of no share in their assets, have any kind of right on to their grandparents property ? Does my Mom have equal right on the assets as my Dad had ? My Uncle and my Mom wants to get this distribution quite straight as per law. Please suggest or recommend as required Your response is much appreciated. Take Care & Stay Safe !!!