Loss of Share Certificate of Co op society and transfer of property to legal heir

My father has bought a plot in co operative society in 1987. The plot is in Pune (Maharashtra). The sale deed is not made the Co Operative society has isssued a letter of allottment of plot and also made him member in place of earlier member. The share certificate was not issued due to casualness from both the sides. After the death of my father I have tried to make application to the society to transfer the property to my mothers name but came to know that the society is under Moratorium. So I have applied to the Sub registrar if Co operative housing societies in their prescribed format with NOC from my brothers and sisters. As a proof of ownership I only have letter from Society and also an affidavit (recently made by the earlier owner for our convenience) that he has surrendered his shares against that plot to my father in 1987. The file of transfer of plot from my fathers name to my mother name is lying with Sub Registrar and govt appointed administrator of Coperative societies since 20 Aug 2019. They have not yet acted upon that. My questions are 1) Can the administrator has rights to transfer the membership of my deceased father to my mother as legal heir. 2) Can she be able to sale that plot to third party by transfering share certificate without Sale deed ?