Regarding 354A Sectioned Imposed

Sir, My Brother used to have a mutual relation with a girl who was engaged by family member for relation. They used to have some extramarital relation and meet with each other at some place and hotel. Unknowingly some of their personal pics get circulated on social media and they breakup. After some days girls made a Police complaint at her local police station Nov-2013. Later my brother found it being posted by her cousin in July-2014 and he also informed the same to the girls father as my brother was unaware about the FIR. In response her brother exposed all these by saying that he was just exposing the boys face as this was performed by her fiano (Means my brother) and does not come under legal proceeding. Later in August-2014 we got a notice of 41a in this regard from IO. Then we v contacted many time to her father to settle down the matter outside the court as it is obviously a harassment. We have already submitted the information (The post made by her cousin brother). After long No images Ids and information available on Internate to find the facts but some print of the post is available. As the Report from girl side is about to submitted and no any action still taken from our side. Keeping all these odds what should we do next Please guide. With Regards, Obaidullah, Lucknow