Owner not returned security deposit

I took flat on rent under leave and license agreement in June 2013, that was renewed again after 11 months. I took the flat through the agent. I have deposited Rs. 50000/- towards security deposit when I took the flat on rent. I vacated this flat on 11th April, 2015. When I vacated the flat and asked him to return my deposit, he deducted a large portion from the deposit(35000/-). He unfairly deducts money from security deposit by giving unacceptable and flimsy reasons. As per him, he deducted money for below reasons: 1. One month's rent for 15-April-15-May 2015.. I already informed him in the month of March about leaving the home. First few days I called him many times, but he did not pick up my phone. At last I sent message on mobile to him and then talked to him on 15th March. I clearly told him that I will vacate home after first week of April, 2015. And then as communicated by him I informed agent on 24th April who was taking care of the house for rent. Rent was already paid till 15th April. I vacated home on 11th April. However he is adamant that I did not inform him on time and rent cycle was started, so deducted the rent for next bill cycle also that is from 15th April to 15th May, which is baffling. I presented him all proofs, call timing from my mobile bill, which clearly shows that I had talk with him on 15th of March and details when I communicated the same to agent as told by him. Still he is denying and deducted rent of one month from April 15th, 2015 to May 15th, 2015. 2. Deductions made from the rent paid during stay, that was incurred towards minor repairs and maintenance. I stayed in the flat for 22 months, and minor repairs were done after his confirmation either on phone or email to adjust the same from rent amount. As the house was constructed long back and so some wear and tear happened throughout this time, that is natural. Like Pipes and bathrooms fittings, Fan regulators etc. When I ask him for repairs, he agreed to adjust the amount from rent , and now when I vacated the house, he deducted this amount from security. 3. Deduction on account of delayed payment of rent , Rs. 10000/- For couple of month I paid rent with delay, so he deducted this amount as fine. 4. Rest for minor repairing he carried out after I vacated the flat. I tried to call him many times, but he is not picking up my phone. When I told the same to agent, he told me that owner does not want to talk and as per owner he deducted correctly. I talked to agent also, but seems he does not want to interfere and told me to resolve it mutually. Sir, Please advise what should I do now to get my deposit money back.