Annulement of Marraige and Safeguarding against false Allegations

Hi , I got married on 7th Dec 2014 in Faridabad and my marraige has been a disaster. My wife is a working professional too. There have been several issues:- Out of these 7 Months she has hardly stayed with me for approx 2.5 Months, her parents will call her again and again to their home for different irrelevant reasons. She will never spend time with me and hardly talks. She will fight on small small issues and have shouting and Anger Problem. She will share everything which happens at our home to her home showing different context altogether. She has zero dedication towards my Home and Parents. I am living sexless marraige and have zero physical relation till date due to her willfull denial. Now things are in open and her Parents have even stopped picking our phone. I am sure they are into something and must be planning for some serious step. Please guide what should be my immediate step to safeguard my self from False Allegations in Future and get my marraige Annuled/divorced.