False dv case on me

Dear Sir, My wife left home in Apr this year along with my son on her own. She doesn't have parents and is now said to be residing in a rented accommodation the whereabouts of which am not sure. I haven't seen my son for last 60 days. She is an architect and is currently employed drawing a salary of Rs. 60,000 P.M. She forced me to appear in women's police station 4 times and has been pressuring me for Mutual Divorce. Finally I filed a GWC and RCR on May 30th after the court re-opened. Now She has filed a false DV case the details of which I still don't know since I haven't received the notice yet. Since I have already filed an RCR for my wife's return what is the tenability of the DV. We have been married for the last 7 years. Her Lawyer has called my lawyer and has requested for a mediation. Can you please guide me in such a situation. Note: My wife is my maternal uncle's daughter. Her parents are not alive now. We brought her up since she was 6 months old. After her parents' death in 2004 we even supported her 2 sisters (Their maintenance and their studies).