Mental harrasment by husband and inlaws

I got married in 2009 when I was only 22 years that is just after my graduation . Just after my marriage in-laws pressurised me for baby. As I was not mentally prepared still I agreed and blessed with cute little daughter , my parents came in hospital on same day but file was missing by my husband coz that was premature baby. Parents asked him but as usual he starts shouting. We remain mum because I want to live on same house. After that motheronlaw starts behaving rudely , but I have never told my parents what's going on . After such a long time on May 2015 my husband putted wrong elegations on me and send it in written by one lawyer. I was not known what's going on in his mind but my in-laws and husband very much familier what they are doing I called my parents before receiving that legal notice which was by husband on me , my parents said take your bag and certificates with you and little daughter with you. Mentally I was not in a position to have faith on my husband my in-laws still I begged him to be together , but now they are responding like "u left from that home , let's get seperated , ". He even don't realised why I am begging him just because of my daughter, why she will suffer? Why. I will not give divorce because I don't want that he will do remarriage. From May 2015 till date me and little daughter are together in my parents home not with in-laws. My husband never called me between this. Plz guide me what can I do ?