GPA to Brother for Signing on behalf to execute a property sale

Hi. Kindly advise. We are 3 brothers. I am the third one residing in Hyderabad, Telangana. Second brother is a resident of Visakhapatnam where the land is located and elder brother is a resident of Chattisgarh. We have a land at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh for which we 3 brothers are legal heirs. Before COVID we entered into a sale agreement with a party from Visakhapatnam. But could not execute the registration of the property due to lockdown. The property value will be shared equally as per the agreement. My doubts: 1. Can I give Power of Attorney to my brother at Visakhapatnam to proceed with registration process and sign on my behalf as I am apprehensive of travelling due to covid? If yes, what type of POA to be prepared. 2. What will be the charges for this ? Kindly provide the breakup please. 3. What are the documents required and where in Hyderabad I can register the POA? 4. What will be legal problems that can arise? and lastly, 5. What are the risk factors involved in this process? Kindly support with your valuable advise. Thanks in advance.