Half brothers captured property

Dear sir, I S Kiran Kumar s/o Shankar S,we are total of 8children to my father,2sons &1daughter to 1st wife (alive)and 3sons &2daughters to my mother(demised). My father (alive)is a retired government employee who earns 1000rs of pension currently. He was working with lock out factory till 2001(retired) after 30yrs service and his salary while retirement was 4000rs. My parents married (love marriage)in late 60’s and got the marriage certificate as a proof and all my siblings crossed 40yrs of age. And Before this he was married to my step mother. In early 80’s my father was called to his hometown and he was beaten up badly and on white paper there was an agreement forcibly written that all my father’s ancestral property belongs to 1st wife and his job earnings goes to my mother before few relatives. Post this in 1991 my fathers job was on stake he was unpaid since 1991-2001(till his retirement due to factory situation) however FnF settlement was done of around 2L. And total of 15acres were on my dad’s name till 2011 and ownership got abruptly transferred without being my father signed on those registration documents (it Was forged by my half brothers) And most importantly as we were living in urban area with so many educational facilities ,both my half brothers and his relatives children used to be in my house almost for more than a decade when my father was unpaid. My mother shouldered the responsibility of family and with her great efforts we were able to grow along. During unpaid time my father has taken around 1L hand loan hoping to reap some profits in agriculture which went into losses due to insufficient water resources,post that again he went for more loan for bore well which again incurred loss as place chosen to dig bore wasn’t proper. Having gone through so many hardships and now our half brothers have forged the documents and they transferred entire property to their names(2 half brothers and my step mother) By forging the signature. My father is alive and going through few medical illnesses as he is aged around 80. None of my immediate family is financially well off. We suited a case in RDO court Warangal,Telangana and it’s in trial ,we are awaiting to hear the verdict even after 3yrs. In this course they have again divided the land left after selling 5-7acres(sold between 1998-2019) again without my father’s signature. My questions 1)Can we legally fight for our rights 2)can we lodge a complaint of forgery 3)Can my father get back his sold property by half brothers. My fathers is in favour of distributing property among all 8children. Your valuable suggestions are highly awaited.