Defamation Case on student by Govt. lecturer. Is it possible?

SUMMARY ----------------- Sir, I wrote a letter given below and sent it to lecturer of my college on his email id. He was frustrate that I am asking for something and taking law in my hand. He is also very angry because his department BTK is mentioned in the letter. He says the first line of my letter is contradictory and he believes I am not sure whether to pay dues. In my opnion, I wrote the letter keeping in mind that first paragraph is introduction, later the problem and finally conclusion. I am 19 years old and only completed 1st year of my In this letter, I tried to bring out the matter of poor maintenance also and he tried to say that dues are taken for maintenace (actually they are for things stolen by students.) The fact is that I was never found guilty for stealing things. Then why I need to pay dues and the lecturer tried to scare me.... He also took the apology letter from me. He said if any obstacle come in his career due to my letter, he will sue me. My point is that whether I can be defamed by the government lecturer for my act of raising questions, expressing my opnion and describing rules laid by the council. My principal says that I study in his department for a year. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to express things about my department BTK rather than senior students department. Principal is supportive. THE LETTER THAT CAUSED TROUBLE -------------------------------------------------- Subject: No Due Form is wrongful. Date: ** April **** Respected Sir/ Madam, This is to inform you that college students are asked to fill NO DUE FORM and has to pay certain fine in the accounts office that is mentioned by various faculties. NO DUE FORM says that if a student does not pay fine, he/she will not be allowed to sit in the examination.Such fines should not be collected. Students should not be discouraged to sit in the examination. Many Journals of students are also lost under the possession of some faculty. If college has installed CCTVs in Computer Lab, ATR, BTR, Library and Office and other counter measure, still you do not find the culprits, then how can we help you? If cooking range is old in BTK, knobs are falling apart, then that’s not the problem from student’s side, its maintenance problem. College cannot put blame on students every time. NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND CATERING TECHNOLOGY EXAMINATION RULES (As amended up to July 2011), under the rule 4.1.3 (a) (ii) ELIGIBILTY FOR ADMISSION TO THE EXAMINATION. Each candidate should have carried out laboratory, practical assignment, project work etc. prescribed in the course taken by him/her to the satisfaction of the Head of the Institution and certified by the Head of that Institution as fit for appearing at the examination as regards progress, conduct and character provided that such candidates have not been debarred from appearing for any examination held by any Government or constituted statutory examination authority in India at the time when examinations are held by the National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology. Kindly give us the admit card for 2nd Semester NCHMCT EXAMINATION. ------------------------------------------------------------ MY QUESTION Q1. On what basis, he can file a defamation case against me? Q2. On what ground I can protect myself? Q3. On what basis I can reverse the effect i.e. Make him suffer? Q4. Is really his reputation been shattered by this letter?