Address Change in Property Documents

Respected Lawyer, Good Evening! Hope you are doing Great! I had purchased a flat (1st floor) in Delhi. To brief you, this was a 100 yard land with X person by only Khasra Number, he sold it to Y person. The Y person again sold this land to Z person in Khasra Number. Now this Z person sold this land to builder A & B (partner), but here came the plot number along with khasra number. Finally the A&B builder build flats in that land and sold it to different parties, total 8 flats of 50 yards in size. My flat in 1st floor was bought by C person from A&B builder with plot number mentioned in the documents. The C person had to sell the flat to D person because of financial issue. Finally i Vijay Negi bought the flat from D person and started living with my family. Now the challenge is that recently i came to know that the plot number mentioned by A&B builder at the time of there purchase was wrongly mentioned by them, they had mentioned RZC10A, but the address should have been RZC50. The builder A&B has finally changed the address with Z person, from whom he had purchased the land. Now, the help which i required is that how can i change the address in my documents. Because i have there chain with me: 1st: A&B builder sold the flat to C person 2nd: C person sold the flat to D person 3rd: D person sold the flat to me (Vijay) So do i need to make all chains again, or is there any other way. This is also to inform you that this property is based on POA, its not a registry. Looking forward for your kind support and guidance. Thanks & Regards: Vijay Negi 991004701