Property issue between grand son, step grand mother and uncle

Hi my garand-grand father buy a land, he had five child, two son three daughter. he died, then his land is divided into two sons and daughters also supported it. thus my grand father become owner of a land. now he done two marrigies in his life. one after another. my father is son of first wife. after some time my grand mother died of some disease. then my grand father married new woman. he had four children from her. she is still alive. now the thing is we live in same building with different floors. we live in ground floor and other families live in upper floors. my grand father and father died. i live with my mother. there and i think property is now on name of my grand mother. my father had electricity meter of his name in floor and water supply connection of his name. i regularly pay bills and connections are running from decades. we live here from birth. my question is: can they throw us out of house, do we have any kind of right on this property? if, then how to claim