Partition suite

Dear Sirs, Let me put more clearly. In 1980 the joint family took 2 shutters for rent and started “keerthi textiles “cloth business, after few years they owned these 2 shutters. The sale deed is on all brothers names including my father. After some time , close to this property they bought one more property . the following is in the sale deed “in favour of “keerthi textiles” managing partners Mr X(my uncle), Mr. y(my another uncle) Mr. Z(my grandfather) he is no more now. Though the property is on firm’s name, this property was leased out to others from day one. The property in which they run business, it is on my father’s name also Taking the advantage of this sale deed, they are claiming that it is a partnership firm which is obsolutely false. About the second shop, after few years they started one more shop in a rented shutter(my father used to sit in this shop) and again they bought that shutter , after few years they closed this shop and rented out this shutter to others. In the sale deed it is mentioned as follows In favour of Y textiles , partner (my father name) No other partner ‘s name is mentioned , only my father’s name is mentioned but as a partner. In the written statement to my filed suite, they mentioned that keerthi textiles belongs to Mr X and Mr Y only as they started and are still partners of the firm And for second shop, they mentioned that my other uncles were also partners in this Y textiles and as my father couldn’t run the business properly , they incurred losses and closed this business. They also mentioned that as this shutter belongs to the firm, I don’t have any right on this. I far as my knowledge is concerned, these businesses were never considered as partnership firms I strongly fell that they are not registered as well. I even tried in registration firm office but they told me that there is no such firm registered during those years. Can there be a chance of not registering or is it mandatory to register. Will my grandfather ,s name as partner helps me in any way. One more important point is the house where the joint family lives is in the name of all brothers, and after my father passed away, they needed funds for business, so they have taken mortogage loan on house and I too signed for that. They have taken loan but I am not sure to which account the amount is transferred and how they have used these funds, will this point help me by any way. Do I have the right to ask them to furnish all the details about loan, partnership firms etc which I don’t have. I understood that I can avail only the share which is on my father’s name, but as it is a joint property Please help me and guide me to prove that it is joint property.