Cancelling wedding after the engament and mental harrasment

I got engaged last year in nov,it was an arranged. we have spent a lot of money on that engagement. At that time we have said the boy's side that we wanted to do the small function i.e a Roka function but they were not ready for that and they asked us to do a big function as they told us that they do not want any insecurities in the relationship. After engagement my father got expired and after few months we have asked them to finalize the marriage venue and date. when we were searching for the venues and asked them to visit those venues, they told us that those venues are not upto there status. After that they have started changing there own and there son's mind. They told us that our family do not give proper respect to them and that is the reason they do not want to marry us. There son has mentally harassed me blaming us again and again that we were the culprits behind this situation of break off. His parents has influenced him by telling the lies about our family. But, the truth is that they have fears that we cannot provide the status that they have expected. Now they have stopped picking our calls. Before my engagement to him, they broke off one another engagement also from another family and the told us about that before our engagement. They told us that there view point doesn't match to them that is why they broke off with that family. Now, a question raised in my mind.. Is doing engagement and breaking off is there business? I know that they will return the gifts we have given to them. But can we claim for the money we have spent on the engagement function? And can i file a mental harassment case against them?