Unregistered will

Last year my uncles registered all the ancesteral property by giving a small share which is unequal division to my mother, the will which they have mentioned in the register office has no witness and there is nothing mentioned regarding the witness and 2 properties in the will have disposed when my grandfather was alive. Can I challenge now, as it is not a genuine will and it not assisted with the register copy and it is clearly showing it is a fake will because they have disposed 2 properties in will and mentioned regarding the division of shares and bonds, which should not be mentioned in will. The division of property was done forcefully last year without any option, and mainly the will is fake and is unregsitered. There is no evidence and the unregistered will has not went through probit as there is no witness. Can I challenge in the court to prove the genuinity of the will? All properties are divided last year in unequal divisions, there is no proof of witness in the unregistered will and no mentioning about witness in the registration document.