Is their any law in favor of upper flat owner if being tortured again and again for leakage problem

I am a resident of lodha's golflinks project in palava city, I have my flat on second floor and has a sundeck area attached to it. The flat beneath me is a garden flat having a private garden.i had few plantations in my sundeck area. In 2018 Lower flat had an issue of water leakage in their flat, on inspection by the lower flat owner and expert team they pointed out to the Plantation in my area and asked me to remove it and get waterproofing done.I co-operated and removed all the Plantation and their team did the waterproofing.later I replanted the some interior work is going on in the lower flat and again the Lower flat Owner is facing leakage issue and when approaching the society they are asked to remove the plantations and we even did and now still the leakage persist and their technical team says that the leakage is from that area only even after removal of Plantation and since we removed the Plantation their is no question of water going their. Society's take on this is do waterproofing we will observe for few days if it doesn't stop we will ask technical team to find other source. We are mentally tortured with these issues and the society tries to pressurize there anything that we can do about it?