Unapproved educational institution

Under right to education act i want to ask that if any educational inatitution is running without the proper approval and code of conduct then what measure should be tken against them? Regarding my study, i am a student of nips school of hotel management kolkata persuing my bachelors 3 year degree(BHSM) from regular course. Initially when i contacted to this institution for my admission they told that they are approved with AICTE and wbut, as i belong from a poor family so i asked college about educational loan then the institution assured me that they have tie up with central bank of india which will provide me educational loan easily they Will give me tie up papers after taking admission which will let ke to get loan but after taking the admission the institution administration refused to help for the loan and when i went to central bank of india gor the loan and stated that the college administration told me about the tie up between collegeand central bank by which i can get loan but the central bank manager discarded this statement and told that i have no any tie up with any institution regarding any loan snd the college has also not provided any tie up letter. But after that i asked for the loan saying that i have the rights to get the loan then bank manager replied that i can get the loan but my course which i am persuing is not approved by AICTE and the bankers have their own regulation in which loan is strictly prohibited for AICTE unapproved courses. Now the condition is that i am not getting educational loan from any bank. Its been 1 year of joining and i have invested my father's all savings in the fee payment but now my father is unable to provide fee so i have been meshed in it. The condition is being created that i have to leave the course. But it will be a huge loss for my carrier because so much amount have been paid and their is no money for further studies and 1 year is being wasted too. And regarding the fee the college never provided the proper tally of fee for wgat they are charging and increasing fee per year. Regarding it i want to do legal action against the institution because it has done frod with students.