Mobile tower

This is behalf of Appartment committee. We would like to inform you that due to AMFUN on 20th may 2020 Indus towers (SITE-ID 1023547) maintained site of Hutch(Vodafone)tower's bulk portion (Network receptors & Antennas) collapsed on our rooftop causing hefty damage both inside & outside our appartment.Four sides of the Water Tank has been pathetically damaged with major cracks due to this heavy fall. Cracks allover our Appartment & the portion of 4th floor on which the tower portions fell is heavily damaged.It is almost 18 years no maintenance have been done to protect our rooftop and water tank.After such a disaster there hasn't been any visit from promoter end to our Appartment which is very shocking.We were informed initially that only Vodaphone is going to use this tower while actually BSNL and airtel are also using this tower consequence to which is this terrible incident.In this present scenario our stand from Mitali Appartment is that we want proper compensation for the entire damage from both the parties (MR. Biplab Dasgupta & Indus Tower)as they are sharing the contractual money. We the members of Mitali Appartment are not benifited moneytorily during this 18 years.Our humble request is please dismantle the tower from our rooftop as we are living dangerously.