A false Cheque bounce case in megistrate court

Hi sir/madam, My friend had given a blank signed cheque to private bank and it was misused for large amount . And the bank person had made some tricks so that no information has reached my friend till police visits his home to harass him by showing NBW order by court. After it my friend took courage and met a lawyer and attended court , got bail and told that he has not taken any money. Then the case status went to evidence . But my friend's cheque was not at all bounced and there was no any registration of dishonour of cheque in his account statement. But the complainant have produced a acknowledgement saying dishonour of cheque due to insufficient funds. So for our knowlegde it clearly showed the complainant(bank person) have submitted a fake proof of cheque bounce. So I would like to know 1) what happens on evidence day? 2) what will be the punishment to complainant ?? under which act , section and clause??? 3) Can the complainant withdraw the case without notice of my friend(accused) ??? Can you please give us valuable information regarding this case