Served Divorce petition to Wife

Sir, it has been 5 years of my marraige , I have a 4 year old daughter but in the last one year I have had heavy losses in business since then there has been he'll at home with my wife, she has been troubling my mother blaming her for my losses , she says my mom has not thought me to save, etc, she has made me life he'll and it has been 45days that she left for her mother's place, my mother is 65 yrs old and my dad expired when I was 7 yrs, now my wife refuses to come back to my place, she wants me to go and live with her parents , today was my daughters birthday she did not let me meet her, on June 4th I had gone to my in laws place to call my wife, on that day my father in law and brother in law beat me up , abused me and then asked me to stay with them, I have filed for Divorce the same day on 4th June, I had some questions; 1. The Divorce petition is still not served to them, how long will it take. 2. My in laws say that they have given a written statement in police station ( I don't know regarding what) and they say if I try to meet my daughter or take her to my home they will put me behind bars. Can I take my daughter from school and bring her back to my place, will I face a police problem if I do that. 3. I saw that the law commission has recommended for shared parenting for child, but my advocate says that when we claim for visitation rights let's also ask for shared parenting, will I get shared parenting.