Can I change my d.o.b on my passport?

Hello, I have a question regarding my D.O.B on my passport. My passport got issued last year when I got a scholarship opportunity to go to Torbay with other students from different schools across India. According to my passport, my d.o.b states that I was born in July 5th 1999 which is my academic year. My real d.o.b however is July 5th 1997, the mistake lies in the fact that the trip occurred during a hectic timing and everything was in a rush, and we (my parents and I) had no other choice but to use my academic d.o.b for the passport. I don't know the laws that pertains to the change of d.o.b, however, this mistake of ours seems to be somewhat of a problem regarding the fact that I might be travelling abroad to further pursue my studies in the near future and I am aware that minors cannot travel alone without guardian supervision, which may be problematic in my case. I am aware that the question shouldn't have risen in the first place and I am truly guilty of the mistake that was made.The mistake would've never appeared in the first place if I was notified a bit earlier by my school. If there is any possible solution to this then I would be truly grateful.