False implications under 323 , 341, 448,506 & 504

Hi ; i am software engineer from Bangalore. My neighbor a retired General Manager of RBI , have been accusing me of taking money over emails of doing wrongful things in apartment related matters since May 2013. On August 2014, he again accused me for stealing money and sent out very defamatory email in group mailer. I called him up on intercom and in turn he called me "bastard". I went to his house 5 min later for clarification . As I rang the bell , his son who is gym guy opened the door , and pushed me . I kept repeating that I have come here to talk but he was very abusive. Then there was lot of hungama and drama seen by apartment owners. During the whole drama , his son was in front of me and he was no where in front. My wife was hit in this process and got a minor cut in the lip. Later in the night , he has gone to police and filed a complaint under sections mentioned in subject line. Later that day I was given station bail and police refused to file FIR for my wife and said they will facilitate compromise. they kept pushing the compromise data and finally our counter FIR was not lodged. Later people from apartment tried to convince and he said yes/no for over 2 months and then finally said no. Making us look like a fool. The police said he is using ACP as influence and they can't do anything. we are left with no option but to approach high court for quashing but the way he wrote the complaint citing his senior citizenship and OBC cards , that high court put the case in deposed mode and asked police to expedite. He also very cleverly didnt put his son name anywhere in his complaint . Please help what we can do to come out of this . Can we file a harassment and defamation case against him ? I have read the charge sheet and found only his family members are witness.