Voidable marriage u/s 25 of special marriage act

Dear Sirs My wife filed a petition u/s 25(i) & 25(iii) of the said Act 3 months after marriage claiming non-consummation from my part and also wrote that i cannot procreate any child of the marriage nor i am physically fit to consumate. The truth is that it was she who denied me my conjugal right to consummate. She also alleges that i demanded dowry which is also false. I have mentioned in my ws that i was always willing and capable to consumate the marriage. I am physically fit and potent. It was she who denied me the right to have marital inter-course. I also went to a govt hospital and met doctor of dept. of urology and told him that my wife suspects that i am impotent. Accordingly doctor referred some tests including penile doppler test. Reports of all tests show that i am potent and do not hv any dysfunction. I have attached all the medical tests and doctor's prescription along with ws I also denied that i demanded any dowry (which is also true) My quarry is that can she challenge the medical reports which is very true. Moreover her petition is not u/s 24 but u/s 25(i) & (iii). Will the judge consider the case u/s 25 as filed by petitioner or u/s 24 as she mentioned i am incapable of procreating any child of the marriage