Does a 498a case work if husband and wife get mutually divorced?

I along with my husband filed a mutual divorce petition in jan 2014. After 6 months at the date of verdict he did not go and told me that he want to stay with me. That time he told me not to appear before court.Then we started meeting but afer 4 months he again told me that he dont want to stay and asked for dowry. Then i filed a 498a case. Yesterday at the completion of 17 months of filing the mutual divorve case we get divorced but principal judge along with my husband and his lawyers and lawyer friends started forcing me to withdraw the case or otherwise i could be arrested by police. The 498a is in under investigation . Then they forcefully took a written note frm me that i wl b liable if anything happens for not withdrawing the 498a. Noe my questions are 1. Is it right on the part of the judge and them to harass me for withdrawing the case. 2. Is there any possibility of any case against me? 3. Is there any chance that my husband can file any case against me if i withdraw the case now? 4.Is there anh law that i should give a written for giving the decree of divorce if a 498a case is pending on the court? 5. Does my 498a works as we are now get mutually divorce? Please suggest me some for my problems. My husband is also a lawyer and always make me frightened and he is very cunning too. Regards M.Dutta