Landlord Not Ready to Return Deposit

I have been staying on rent in Malad West on Rent in SRA since 2017, this SRA building is also built in 2017. in Feb 2020 my father had a heart attack and i have been living with my father in Ulhasnagar since March 2020 post his treatment in Jaslok Hospital Mumbai for 15 days, to take care of him. hence i decided to vacate the rented place at Malad and have given a verbal and written notice to the landlord on 31st May 2020 informing him that I will vacate the place on 30 June 2020. I have requested the landlord to return the deposit before I vacate the place i.e. on 30 June 2020 however the landlord is not willing to return the deposit money on 30 June 2020 and says that he will return the deposit money only when he finds a new tenant which is not reasonable. p.s. I have never defaulted on any rental payment and always paid the rent on time by giving the landlord advance checks of 11 months to the landloard. please do see his email below and the language he uses Dear pawan ji, As per our telephonic discussion This points I repeating twice for you please read carefully do not repeat this statement /sentence again again. 1) Our leave and license agreement period date:-[deleted] to [deleted]. 2) As you know this time covid-19 facing the finance problem and for now this time my financial was very poor condition. 3) I already told you about the deposit amount first thing if I get the new rent person then only I will give the deposit whichever the amount was debit room rent and flat structure etc. 4) I already spoke society and nearby real estate brokers about rent 5) This thing I didn’t accept this statement about deposit amount to give earlier before the new rent person was not come. 6) I already told twice about the deposit if I get the suitable person to my flat then only I give you deposit balance amount with debit room rent and flat structure etc. 7) One thing if you didn’t believe me then stay in flat whenever new rent will come that time you can move with deposit balance amount. 8) As I suggestion you that find the new rental Customer to my house same rent and same deposit 9) Don’t repeat deposit (word) same thing again again 10) My last decision whenever new rent will come that time I will give you deposit balance amount. I hope you understand and don’t not repeat this words and points. Thank your co-operation is highly appreciated specially during the pandemic situation. Be safe and take care you and your family. Best regards