How to safeguard from 498A. DV after filing Divorce

My wife misled me to believe that she will stay with me after arranged marriage but it has been 3.5 yrs she is staying away. She refused to shift after wedding saying that my place bangalore dont have career opportunity for her professor job & she wants to prepare for govt phd exams at her hometown Jaunpur. Now main issue is that some months after marriage my wife sister informed me that she is still in relation with a professor in college whom she liked before our marriage. I confronted her, she accepted mistake but still refused to come to bangalore. She forced me to come to Delhi for betterment of her career. But now she took Govt. PhD in Benaras & it will take another 3-5 years away from me. I believe she never had intention to stay with me before marriage. I have all our whatsapp msg to prove I was misled.I have screenshot of romantic msg of 3rd person. I have msg of her sister & brother who acknowldged that 3rd person. I also have my phone recording with wife. My wife dont want divorce also. I have decided to file divorce now on basis of dessertion, mental cruelty, extra marital affair from noida. But I need advise on how to safeguard myself from false cases like 498A, DV. Regards.