Token amount refund

Hi guys, I paid a token amount of 58 lakhs + 2 lakhs token amount towards buying a flat here in Mumbai. The flat aforementioned is on the 14th floor. I was planning to take out a loan to pay out the remaining amount. (About 1 Cr) However, I found out through the loan agent that the builder doesn't have the required CC. They had a CC only upto 11 floors. I felt cheated since this wasn't mentioned while signing the deal. I immediately contacted my bank and stopped all cheques paid by me to the builder. Luckily I was able to stop them just in the nick of time and managed to salvage the 58 lakhs. However, the 2 lakhs token amount still remain with them and I've been trying to recover them for a few months. They have now gotten the CC for the floors above 11th and are insisting me to buy it for the same amount(citing the property prices have risen which i feel again is a lie)but I don't wish to go forward with the deal because I feel cheated and lied to. How do I recover the my token amount from these guys? Would it be worth it to pursue this legally?