Wil I get divorce

Dear all... I have been married on 22 feb 2014.very next day wen we came for rituals at my home my husband and family asked for gold.i was upset my mom dad gave around 6 lakhs gold items to my inlaws as they were torturing me...now I don't have any idea abt my gold...also my husband n family used to abuse me n my family...my husband used to abuse me in public places..then he forced me to get pregnant. ..n wen I got pregnant he said this child is not his and he n his family have said every possible bad things they can talk abt girl...my sister in law is unmarried...she used to torture me like anything...They hit me once n I left thr house on 8th aug I was 2 months pregnant n started living with my family again on 2nd oct I went with intension of mutual understandin..but they throw all my clothes and my mother in law pushed me wen u was 5 month pregnant...n my younger brother was also with me she slapped him too..we have called 100 no lodge NC against them...I have delivered baby girl on 2nd march 2015 but they din came to see her too...now with thr help of mahila ayog I have file an divorce case against DV act 2005.. I just wanted to knw what punishment wil be given to him...and how much time it will take...also i love my baby so i want custody of my child..she is jst 4 month old. I m worried he is complete physio. ..I m wrryd that he wil not give me divorce...he can hurt me n my child too... plz suggest