Damage to property due to tree branch felling and compensation claim

Hello, On 2nd June'20, at 9:00 pm, a huge branch from nearby pipal tree fell on the roof of our house, although no fatalities happened but it was near miss case. However it severely damaged our roof, breaking the cement sheets, bending supporting iron girds, spoiling inner painted walls,peeling off cement of outside house walls & scratching of wall surfaces, denting ground floor door,shattering of marble parapeet, The fir brigade had came, for an hour they inspected did nothing, the personnels called up BMC graden department - the contractor and his people arrived and the whole process of removing, cutting, trimming the fallen branch culminated at 2:45 am.The debris lay there for 07 days after the incident, we personally arranged vehicle to collect & remove the debris. The entire episode left huge dent in our pocket, the overall expenses incurred is around Rs.1 Lac, I wish to know on the compensation of said amount and secondly on trimming of dangerously hanging of branches existing on same and other trees around the place. Need your guidance